Course "All About Lips" advanced training


Course "All About Lips" advanced training

2 days

ZAGRAVA Permanent Makeup Academy offers multi-level training for specialists of various categories: from basic to professional level.

The training is conducted on high-quality High-class equipment from the German manufacturer Amiea. 

During the course, an individual approach is made to each student, on the basis of this you get a high level of training.

Having been educated at our academy, you can immediately get to work.

After completing the course, an international certificate is issued that will allow you to work outside the country.

Program of courses:

  • - Psychology (customer relationship)
  • - Medical aspects (lymphatic system, side effects, emergency help, body reactions)
  • - Makeup, color, pigment compositions
  • - Configuration of needles, a variety of devices
  • - Practice on artificial leather, then on models

Training is carried out on Amiea brand pigments.

You can obtain more detailed information by calling: (096) 604-39-17 and (097) 095-23-00

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